Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I split lanes.

Originally posted on Facebook April 1, 2016:

"Where many drivers get it wrong is that they see lane splitting as "queue jumping" that will cause each car to go one further spot back in the queue. In truth, a filtering bike disappears from the queue altogether, the only time a motorcycle holds a car up is when it sits in traffic and acts like another car.
Filtering bikes work their way to the front of stopped traffic at red lights, and accelerate away much quicker than the cars around them. When they reach the next stoppage, they disappear again between the lanes and no car is held up."
Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm a lane-splitter. It's legal here in California, and this article explains it as well, if not better, than any other I've seen. I follow the "rules"... I only do it when traffic is stopped, or moving at a snail's pace...I only go 5-10 mph faster than the traffic I am "splitting"... I give a courteous wave to anyone that intentionally moves over to give me room.
Why? Not to get in front of you. There are a few reasons: ....read more...

1) I am sitting on top of an air-cooled engine that likes it better when air is actually flowing over it. That engine can generate heat around or over 200°, between my legs. My "legs" feel better with air is flowing over them also. Even on a cool day, that gets old when you're just sitting.
2) Have you ever stopped in traffic, looked in your rear view, and wondered if that car behind you was going to stop? Try doing it with no metal barrier between you and that car approaching you from the rear.
3) Some of you refuse to put down your cell phones while driving. That's dangerous for you, but deadly for me if I happen to be stopped in front of you. If I'm in a car, we'll end up with a bent car, and some airbags deployed. If I'm on my bike, well, you figure it out.
4) On a warm day, you have your air conditioning. I have boots, long pants, a heavy jacket, and a helmet on. I'm not trying to get in front of you, I'm just trying not to die of heat stroke.
I'm not trying to get in front of you, I just want to get home. Sure, you can say "don't ride the motorcycle then". Ok, I get that. But if I'm not hurting you in any way, and all I ask is that you pay attention and maybe even more over a foot, is that too much to ask? I see people do it all the time....courteous drivers who are paying attention and are not butt-hurt that I am going past them....they even move over in their lane when they see me coming. They are paying attention.
Then there's the one's that aren't paying attention. Like the Acura I was following today. He was hugging the right side of the fast lane like he owned it, at ten miles an hour, for a few miles. Then a courteous driver in lane 2 pulled to the right so I could get past. Acura driver was texting when I went past him. Seconds later, traffic opened up, and to prove a point Acura man changed lanes, passed me while I was accelerating to about 65 in an open lane, and changed lanes to get in front of me again. I changed two lanes, went around him and never saw him again. I hope he feels better tonight with his little victory.

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